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Know that your work is safe.

Backup tapes still provide reliable, safe, and cost-effective data storage, and Moonshine Post is a firm believer in them. If you work in or follow our industry you may hear a lot about the demise of backup tapes as a viable data storage option, and while it’s true that in some applications disk-based backup solutions may make more sense, the argument that tape is dead simply doesn’t hold water. Backup tapes – most specifically LTO tapes – still merit a spot in your data protection strategy due to their superior reliability and their cost-effectiveness. Not to mention the technological advances they have undergone in recent years, most notably the LTO 5 (Fifth generation).

These advances tend to get overshadowed by news from the disk industry, but they should not escape your notice. The purpose of tape is backup and archiving, plain and simple. In fact, because tape has historically enjoyed the best capacity-to-cost ratio, it was easily the most popular medium for storing critical information.

The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is a self-describing tape format and file system, which uses an XML schema architecture for ease of understanding and use.

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Bring us your mission-critical files to back up to tape and rest easy knowing your work is safe.


The LTO5 Tape Format Allows:

  • Files and directories to conveniently appear on desktop
  • Users to drag-and-drop files to/from tape
  • File level access to all backed-up data
  • Transfer rates of up to 280MB a second
  • Up to 30 year life span per tape
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