For over a decade Moonshine and its artists have been directly involved in creating pertinent, award winning and beautifully told non-fiction stories. We love collaborating with documentary filmmakers on relevant issues, and producing our own. Here are some of our favorites.

Man Made (2017)

Producing + Post Producing | Mandalay Sports Media |

Man Made Trailer from Mandalay Sports Media on Vimeo.

“Man Made is a feature length documentary focusing on the paths of various transgender men as they dissect what it means to be a man while participating in the competitive world of transgender male bodybuilding.”

Mr. Ballsy (2017)

Producing + Post Producing

Thomas Cantley pushed a giant testicle across the United States and Canada for the sole purpose of being famous. After losing his testicle and his friends, it wasn’t until he was left alone, thousands of miles from home with just his dog, Vader, and a giant 14 foot blow-up testicle, that Thomas realized his true mission: cancer had saved his life and he could help others beyond himself, to be Ballsy.

The Founders (2017)

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THE FOUNDERS FILM TRAILER from Charlie Fisk on Vimeo.

“They were not supposed to be athletes. They were not supposed to get paid to play. They were not supposed to call the shots. But in 1950, 13 amateur women golfers battled society, finances and sometimes even each other to stake their claim to become professional sportswomen by creating the Ladies Professional Golf Association (The LPGA). Long overdue, this film is about finally recognizing those unseen efforts and identifying The Founders as true icons of sport and equality. The film isn’t just for those who frequent the golf course. This film is for anyone who believes in the transformative power of defying the odds.” –

The Art of the Journey (2016)

Color Finishing

The Art of the Journey focuses on activist and artist Ben Jones who not only creates his artwork to bring awareness to the plight of people around the world, but also to teach our youth to be something greater than themselves.

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake (2016)

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Resurrection of Jake the Snake Trailer from Steve Yu on Vimeo.

The Ressurection of Jake the Snake focuses on the story of Jake the Snake, a fallen professional wrestling superstar who battles his past demons in a struggle to reclaim his life and the family that has given up on him.

D’artangan is the Champion (2014)

Producing + Final Color | IMDb

D'artagnan is the Champion from Missy Palmer on Vimeo.

In this experimental southern comedy, documentarian Missy Palmer adds her unique spin to the life story of Daddy O’ the rescue horse. She traces his roots – from the Atlanta ghetto to his current life as a semi- successful show horse and finds an unusual cast of characters from his sketchy past. Amish families, buggy drivers, black cowboys, an unpopular pig and a man with a wooden leg all step up to claim this equine renegade as their very own.

No. 2: Story of the Pencil (2015)

Final Color | IMDb | Watch on Vimeo

No. 2: Story of the Pencil from William Allen on Vimeo.

No.2, overlooked as a common tool, continues to lose dominance in a media saturated world. However, history tells a different story.

More Than Music: Senegal (2014)

More Than Music: Senegal – Promo from Baba Tha Filmaker on Vimeo.

Running The Sahara

Final Color | | IMDb

Narrated and executive produced by Academy Award winner Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award winner James Moll, RUNNING THE SAHARA chronicles an attempt by three ultra marathoners to run across the entire length of Africas Sahara Desert. Six countries, two marathons per day, for eighty days… without a day off.

Copyright Criminals

Final Color | IMDb

Copyright Criminals Trailer from Copyright Criminals on Vimeo.

Shalom Y’all

Final Color | IMDb

Shalom Y'all Documentary – Trailer from Brian Bain on Vimeo.

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