Whether it’s broadcast, episodic TV, or a feature film, Moonshine has the talent, technicians, and technology to help tell your story. Our talent pools and production partners extend outside of the Atlanta market.

We have helped several of our shows utilize bi-coastal operations with multiple creative headquarters. As a result, our edit suites and production offices are fully customizable to your production’s needs.

Moonshine Post Production has the editing talent, technicians, and latest technology to tell your story. Wherever you started, we'll help you finish.

Offline Editing Suites

Our studio is fully equipped with a multitude of secure, private editorial suites that can easily adapt to any production’s editing needs. Please contact us to reserve your editorial suite, or come by for a visit to see how you can house your production’s post here.

Online Editing Suites

At Moonshine, we are experienced in start-to-finish workflows. However, we are also able to offer à la carte services in order to help you finish your dream production— regardless of where you started. The crew at Moonshine have been doing online editing, color correction, sound mastering, and finishing for TV and film for decades, and are able to help you finish or provision a service to meet your story or product’s needs.

View our editing suites below:

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