Music to Georgia’s Ears – The Georgia Music Investment Act

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With Georgia’s newly passed “Music Investment Act”, Georgia is poised to become the newest epicenter of the music business. Both Drew and Chris LeDoux of Crafty Apes were able to catch up with Oz Magazine to voice their opinion on the bill and how it will help out the booming local Georgia economy. Check out an excerpt from the interview below and head over to to read the full article.

“Drew Sawyer, partner and post producer at Moonshine Post Production, has embraced the tax incentive and is already making plans to grow his company. “Our intention is that we’ve already taken on and trained more people. We’re bringing in more talent from every place, not just Georgia folks. It helps me secure and keep those jobs through thick and thin, and lets us take on more opportunities, take more risks, and invest in projects we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.”