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Technological Singularity – SYSK

TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY – Synopsis: In this episode, the series goes back to the beginning when the new boss, Steve, is introduced and brings a high-tech coffee machine with her to


Personal SpaceX – Ep 9 SYSK

SPACEX – Synopsis: In this episode, Steve holds a trivia competition to decide which podcasters win a VIP tour of a design facility for space travel. Josh learns that elusive


Night Terrors – Ep 8 SYSK

NIGHT TERRORS – Synopsis: In this episode, one of Josh and Chuck’s colleagues, Kent, begins suffering from extreme sleepwalking. Josh and Chuck do a series of studies in an effort


Trust No One – Ep 7 SYSK

TRUST NO ONE – Synopsis: Josh and Chuck notice that a rival podcast has recently covered four of the topics they have discussed, leading them to wonder if this is


Forward Thinking

Dan Bush of Psychopia Pictures asked Moonshine Pictures to provide editorial dailies and color correct his latest series on the How Stuff Works network, Fw: Thinking. Working with his VFX team, our colorists


Matter Of Time – Ep 6 SYSK

MATTER OF TIME – Synopsis: When corporate office promotes a company-wide time capsule initiative, the office is excited. While some people contribute thoughtful tokens to represent these times, Josh and


Black Curtain by Ben Lovette

Moonshine Pictures facilitated some of the post finishing of Ben Lovette’s “Black Curtain” music video. A visual expression of the song “Black Curtain” from the album “Highway Collection” by Lovett.


Finale by Robert Mello

We’re finishing post work on Finale. Moonshine Post Production was happy to do the post work for Finale, a comedy written by Atlanta’s Robert Mello and directed by Jeremy O’Keefe.


V/H/S is on Netflix

V/H/S – Director David Bruckner called Moonshine Pictures’ Drew Sawyer one night and asked him to shave his mustache and make a horror film with him and their mutual friends.


Bacteriopolis – Ep 5 SYSK

BACTERIOPOLIS – Synopsis: “In this episode, news reports of flesh-eating bacteria at Chuck’s gym threaten to derail his new workout routine, but Steve sees the situation as an opportunity to


Blind Tiger: The Legend of Bell Tree Smith

This is a tale of liquor, lust, and murder . . . and best of all, it really happened. Blind Tiger: The Legend of Bell Tree Smith is a documentary


Make it Rain – Ep 4 SYSK

MAKE IT RAIN – Synopsis: The annual office softball game is approaching and when Chuck and Josh find themselves without a star pitcher they aim for the clouds to control

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