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Make it Rain – Ep 4 SYSK

MAKE IT RAIN – Synopsis: The annual office softball game is approaching and when Chuck and Josh find themselves without a star pitcher they aim for the clouds to control


Treehouse (2013)

TREEHOUSE – This project is in post-production with Drew Sawyer as Post Production Supervisor – check out its IMDB listing for details. Agency/Production Imagination Worldwide, LLC. Post Supervision Drew Sawyer Treehouse, directed by


Fun World

FUN WORLD – Produced by Moonshine Picture’s Drew Sawyer, who also performed additional editorial. Synopsis: Atlanta based filmmaker and documentarian, Barry Mills (The Popeye Show, The Bob Clampett Show, Space Ghost


Minding the Hive – Ep 3 SYSK

MINDING THE HIVE – At HowStuffWorks, construction stirs a beehive. Chuck stands his ground despite being allergic, and Steve adopts a bee colony managerial style. During the podcast, the guys


Magic The Gathering The Musical

MAGIC THE GATHERING THE MUSICAL – Jake takes his deck of Magic: The Gathering cards down to the local comic shop for a tournament where a motley crew of vampire


The CSI Effect – Ep 2 SYSK

CSI EFFECT – Synopsis: In episode two, in preparation for their podcast on forensics, Steve sets up a ride-along for Josh and Chuck with the Atlanta police department. As Josh


Brains Gone Wild – Ep 1 SYSK

BRAINS GONE WILD – Synopsis: In the premiere episode, Josh and Chuck’s boss, Steve, brings a man who suffers from alien hand syndrome to the office for the guys to do


Stuff You Should Know Premiere

Stuff You Should Know Premiere – Check out the Stuff You Should Know show Saturdays on the Science Channel. STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW PREMIERE – For those of you who


Stuff You Should Know Post Production

STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW POST PRODUCTION – Check it out and see our handy work.  For video clips see Official Site @ We are currently post-producing the brand new

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