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Magic The Gathering The Musical


Stuff You Should Know Episode 2: The CSI Effect

Synopsis: In episode two, in preparation for their podcast on forensics, Steve sets up a ride-along for Josh and Chuck with the Atlanta police department. As Josh and Chuck shed their


Stuff You Should Know Episode 1: Brains Gone Wild

Synopsis: In the premiere episode, Josh and Chuck’s boss, Steve, brings a man who suffers from alien hand syndrome to the office for the guys to do a podcast about him.


Stuff You Should Know Premiered Saturday Jan 19th

Check out the Stuff You Should Know show Saturdays on the Science Channel. For those of you who don’t get the Science channel, don’t worry! SYSK will be avaliable for


Magic the Gathering The Musical

Magic the Gathering the Musical, created by Molly Coffee.  


Stuff You Should Know

Check it out and see our handy work.  For video clips see Official Site @ We are currently post producing the brand new Science Channel television series, Stuff You


V/H/S [box] Now available on NetFlix : V/H/S[/box] Moonshine’s Post Producer, Drew Sawyer starred in the recent feature, V/H/S, that was named Sundance’s Scariest Film 2012.

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