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Mad props to Moonshine Post and Blair Bathory along with many strong Georgia natives who have done and continue to do great work in the indie film industry.

Special Shout Out to Blair Bathory and Molly Coffee for their indie film work — FearHaus!

Mad props to Moonshine Post and Blair Bathory along with many strong Georgia natives who have done and continue to do great work in the indie film industry. This series is altogether frightening, thrilling, and will surely leave you on the edge of your seat. You can check out the most recent season of FearHaus on Facebook!

Moonshine Post has the immense privilege of working with Atlanta (and greater Georgia-area) talent on a regular basis. We pride ourselves as a native Georgian company and know to expect great things from the film industry based here. To see more of our work with local independent filmmakers, visit our portfolio page.

More about FearHaus (from their website): FEAR HAUS is a horror media and lifestyle brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We find and curate the absolute best independent horror films from around the world to create original online series, events, and films. Enter the haus, and never leave!

Here’s a snippet from Blair’s interview with Dread Central:

Dread Central: When you first started Fear Haus, did you ever imagine that you’d be teaming up with such an amazing post-production house in Moonshine?

Blair Bathory: Absolutely not! I started Fear Haus out of necessity, as a filmmaker myself. When I was directing my own short films, I realized rather quickly the lack of viable resources and platforms for genre filmmakers. I thought I could create my own that would possibly help other creators out. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d eventually be working with some of the most influential people in Atlanta.

DC: Tell us about how that relationship with Moonshine came about.

BB: Drew, the owner of Moonshine, and my partner and I, had the same sentiments when it came to indie filmmaking. We have witnessed the corruption in the industry first-hand, and I think he saw an opportunity with Fear Haus to do right by the filmmakers. Drew and the entire Moonshine team have been my biggest supporters, and I can’t be gracious enough for that.

DC: What’s been the most surprising thing you’ve learned during the last few years of making Fear Haus?

BB: That you can really make something honest and with heart, and still be successful.

DC: Who would you say your personal influences or heroes are?

BB: Every filmmaker out there chasing their stories. I have serious respect for anyone taking the risk and making movies. It’s just so fucking hard, and my admiration is why I do projects like Fear Haus in the first place.

DC: Do you have a favorite sub-genre of horror films?

BB: Giallo films are my absolute favorite, but I also love French new wave, [like] Enter The Void, Martyrs, Inside! I’m also partial to Southern horror, and actually wrote my own a couple of years ago that I’d like to direct one day.

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