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taken by Caroline Oelkers
taken by Caroline Oelkers

Welcome to 2016, henceforth known as the year of Moonshine.

In 2015, Moonshine became a major player in the film and TV scene of Atlanta, creating dozens of feature film deliverables and entire original broadcast episodics for Red Bull, Bravo, A+E and TV One while maintaining a strong indie film presence.

Now, in 2016, we’re leveling up with an all new original scripted comedy series, a scripted drama and two feature films to start off the year, on top of School of Humans’ upcoming Red Bull TV series. While we can’t tell you the full details right now (darn NDA’s), we are excitingly taking on a bigger social media presence to cover all this action and get the word out about Moonshine.

And it all starts this week, with Oz Magazine’s featured article “Getting it Right” profiling Moonshine’s fearless leader, Drew Sawyer. In it, Drew talks about the Moonshine mission, the tremendous talent he’s gotten to work with, and his outlook on the Atlanta indie film scene.
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