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Moonshine Pictures, Inc is completing full post from dailies to editing to mastering for the Fall of 2014 Cooking Channel Series “Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy.”

OBEGFX_2Offbeat Eats is a celebration of America’s roadside rebel chefs, the people who create quirky eateries that are off the beaten path and serving up deliciously offbeat food and experiences. From hidden local gems to restaurants doing surprising new things where you least expect it, Offbeat Eats is a roadmap to restaurants that are a little hard to find but always worth the journey.
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Jim Stacy is off to meet rebel chefs and cook meals inspired by his biggest obsession: classic monster movies. He begins at Villains Wicked Heroes in Atlanta, GA, home of wickedly tasty sandwiches like the Oddjob and the Godzilla-inspired Gojira. Next, he heads to San Diego (home of the cult-classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes) to visit Carnitas’ Snack Shack, a meat-and-tomatoes place serving up mouth-watering pork favorites like the Triple Threat and, of course, the pork-stuffed Killer Tomato. Then it’s off to Popcorn Noir in Easthampton, MA, a combo gourmet bistro and movie theater that cooks up dishes inspired by the movies they screen, including Vampire Vittles and Bat Wings for a screening of Dracula.

Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy