Moonshine Post | 31 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Deborah Riley Draper // Coffee Bluff Pictures // Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.® DATE:  March 2021 ONLINE:
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Creepshow Seasons 2 & 3
Moonshine Post | 18 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: AMC Shudder DATE:  April 1, 2021 ONLINE: IMDB FILM EDITORS: Patrick Perry, Kristina Kromer, Gerhardt Slawitschka, James
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Moonshine Post | 8 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: FPL DATE: Feb 2021 ONLINE: YouTube Crafty Apes and Moonshine Post performed post for a national ad campaign
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The Liberator
Moonshine Post | 4 December
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Netflix / Trioscope Studios DATE:  November 11, 2020 ONLINE: IMDB / Netflix In-House Post-Producers: Drew Sawyer + Hannah Rockette
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Moonshine Post | 4 December
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Chris White / Blue Tape Records DATE:  October 1, 2020 ONLINE: IMDB / Online COLORIST: John Petersen SOUND
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Moonshine Post Production for 76 Days Documentary
76 Days
Moonshine Post | 30 November
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Hao Wu / MTV Documentary Films DATE:  December 4, 2020 ONLINE: IMDB / Online COLORIST: John Petersen ONLINE
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Canidae Pet Food
Moonshine Post | 16 November
PROJECT DETAILS DATE: November 2020 ONLINE: YouTube CREATIVE & ONLINE EDITING at Moonshine Post COLORIST: John Petersen SOUND: Chris Basta and Anthony
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Get Your Booty to the Poll Voting PSA
Moonshine Post | 22 September
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Director - Angela Barnes Producer - Paul Fox DATE:  September 22, 2020 ONLINE: Web / Youtube Post-Producer:
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Body and Son
Moonshine Post | 20 September
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Chris Anthony Hamilton DATE:  September 20, 2020 ONLINE: Website COLORIST: John Petersen From the Director: This short
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Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip with Mike Rowe Moonshine Post-Production for Online Editing and ADR
Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip with Mike Rowe
Moonshine Post | 5 August
Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip with Mike Rowe PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Produced for Discovery by MRW Productions and School of Humans.
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Can’t Run From Your Name // Hooters + Chase Elliot
Moonshine Post | 6 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Cindy Carter / Hooters DATE: March 2020 ONLINE: YouTube COLORIST: John Petersen
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Moonshine Post | 2 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Cinnabon / Focus Brands DATE: March 2020 ONLINE: YouTube EDITOR: Kristina Kromer COLORIST: John Petersen IN-HOUSE POST
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