Nesting Dolls
Moonshine Post | 7 August
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Das Haus Productions DATE: 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, Nesting Dolls, focuses on the story of three sorority girls who
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Small Group
Moonshine Post | 7 August
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Lime Soda Films DATE: 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, Small Group, follows documentary director R. Scott Cooper as he infiltrates
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The Home Depot – At Home | Outside
Moonshine Post | 9 June
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: 22Squared / The Home Depot DATE: April 2018 ONLINE: FACEBOOK The social media campaign featuring the At Home
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Moonshine Post | 8 June
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  SONY DATE: 9/1/2018 ONLINE: IMDB A seemingly normal family with a mysterious past adjusts to their new life in
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Moonshine Post | 4 May
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  SONY DATE: 09/01/2018 ONLINE: IMDB A ruthless hitman and an FBI agent share a shocking connection that they must
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Chop Nation
Moonshine Post | 1 May
Chop Nation | Birmingham, AlabamaBraves Country spreads far beyond the Atlanta city limits and the chop can be heard throughout
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Drew Sawyer | 25 April
Encounter Official Trailer PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Lightning Entertainment DATE:  15 February 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, ENCOUNTER, premiered at the
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Novant Health
Moonshine Post | 21 April
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Novant Health DATE:  April 17, 2018. ONLINE: Hands Campaign — Ambulance | Helicopter The social media Hands campaign from
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The Many Lives of Ayn Winters
Moonshine Post | 8 April
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  SONY DATE: 09/01/2018 ONLINE: IMDB A young woman returns home for her sister's funeral, only to become an unwitting
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Brandon’s Story
Moonshine Post | 14 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Pullspark / The Home Depot DATE: May 5th, 2018. ONLINE: Vimeo The documentary short “Brandon’s Story” was shown at the
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Moonshine Post | 10 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Molly Coffee DATE: 2018 ONLINE: IMDB The Girl is a whiskey drinking punk-rock welder who works hard and plays
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Prescription Painkillers: Heroin in Pill Form
Moonshine Post | 25 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Philadelphia Department of Public Health DATE: Feb 23, 2018 ONLINE: Youtube The PSA from the Philadelphia Department of
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