No 2: Story of the Pencil Featured
No. 2: Story of the Pencil
Drew Sawyer | 24 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: William Allen DATE: JULY 2015 ONLINE: IMDB No. 2: Story of the Pencil was released in July
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Rusty’s Rockfeast
Drew Sawyer | 1 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: FYI | SCHOOL OF HUMANS DATE: JULY 2015 ONLINE: FYI.TV Season one of Rusty's Rock Feast was released
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The Resurrection of Jake the Snake
Drew Sawyer | 23 January
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Steve Yu DATE: January 2015 ONLINE: IMDB The documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake was released in January
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Cooking Channel logo - Moonshine Pictures, Inc in Atlanta Georgia is completing full post from dailies to editing to mastering for the Fall of 2014 Cooking Channel Series “Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy.” Offbeat Eats is a celebration of America’s roadside rebel chefs, the people who create quirky eateries that are off the beaten path and serving up deliciously offbeat food and experiences.
Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy
Drew Sawyer | 8 October
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: SCHOOL OF HUMANS DATE: OCTOBER 2014 ONLINE: COOKINGCHANNELTV.COM The television show Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy was originally released in
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Drew Sawyer | 9 August
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: AMY SMALL DATE: 2014 ONLINE: VIMEO.COM The campaign video Viva Vantage: Bounty Street Takeover was originally released in 2014. POST
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D’artangan is the Champion
Drew Sawyer | 18 May
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Missy Palmer DATE: May 2014 ONLINE: IMDB Documentary film D’artangan is the Champion was released in May
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Still from Pepper's Place - Produced in partnership with Zombie Cat Productions, Moonshine Pictures, Inc in Atlanta Georgia also completed full service Post Production from dailies to editing to mastering.
Pepper’s Place
Drew Sawyer | 9 May
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: ZOMBIE CAT STUDIOS DATE: MAY 2014 ONLINE: PEPPER'S PLACE TV The spec pilot Pepper's Place was originally released in May of
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Kleenex Xperiments
Drew Sawyer | 9 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: VML / SCHOOL OF HUMANS DATE: JULY 2013 ONLINE: YOUTUBE.COM The web campaign Kleenex® Brand Xperiments was originally released in July of
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Chuck and Josh from Stuff You Should Know, a Science Channel television series post produced by Moonshine Post in Atlanta Georgia follows Chuck and Josh, real life podcasters, on a hilarious, and informative adventure meshing fact with fiction within a fictional “the Office-esque” corporate world, all the while sharing real facts about technology, the world, the universe and beyond.
Drew Sawyer | 8 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: SCHOOL OF HUMANS DATE: MARCH 2013 ONLINE: STUFFYOUSHOULDKNOW.COM The television show Stuff You Should Know was originally released in March of
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Still from Forward Thinking FW:Thinking How Stuff Works had color correction DI done by Moonshine Post Production in Atlanta GA
Drew Sawyer | 9 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: PSYCHOPIA PICTURES DATE: FEBRUARY 2013 ONLINE: FWTHINKING.COM The web series FW: Thinking was originally released in February of 2013. POST
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Running The Sahara
Drew Sawyer | 17 October
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DATE: OCTOBER 2008 ONLINE: IMDB Feature documentary Running The Sahara was released in October of
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Shalom Y’all
Drew Sawyer | 25 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Brian Bain DATE: 2003 ONLINE: IMDB The documentary film Shalom Y'all was released in 2003. COLORIST John Petersen
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