Moonshine Post | 10 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Molly Coffee DATE: 2018 ONLINE: IMDB The Girl is a whiskey drinking punk-rock welder who works hard and plays
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Prescription Painkillers: Heroin in Pill Form
Moonshine Post | 25 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Straight to Tell // Philadelphia Department of Public Health DATE: Feb 23, 2018 ONLINE: Youtube The PSA from
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Moonshine Post | 10 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Matt Hinton DATE: 2018 ONLINE: The 1990s, alt rock band, Luxury is skyrocketing toward national fame, until a
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Atlanta Braves
Drew Sawyer | 26 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: ATLANTA BRAVES | BLUE SKY DATE: 2016 ONLINE: BLUE SKY The video series Here's to Braves Country was created
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Mr. Ballsy
Drew Sawyer | 24 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: THOMAS CANTLEY DATE: TBA 2017 ONLINE: IMDB The documentary Mr. Ballsy is currently in post production. PRODUCING
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Drew Sawyer | 26 June
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: CLIENT: BMW | PUBLIC SCHOOL DATE: JUNE 2017 3-part video series created for BMW to announce the
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Screenland on Netflix! Moonshine post worked with School of Humans for start-to-finish post production on this Red Bull TV Series
Red Bull Original Series: Screenland
Drew Sawyer | 24 April
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: REDBULL DATE: APRIL 2017 ONLINE: REDBULL.COM Red Bull original series Screenland premiered April 24, 2017 POST SUPERVISOR Drew
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Shot of athlete from 'When I Play' - ESPNW Spot, color correction DI by John Petersen and sound mix by John St. Denis at Moonshine Post Production in Atlanta Georgia
espnW: When I Play
Drew Sawyer | 13 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: ESPNW DATE: MARCH 2017 ONLINE: ESPNW EspnW short film When I Play, released in March of 2017. COLORIST John
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The Legend Lives On: Atlanta's Fox Theater - Ticketbooth
The Legend Lives On: Atlanta’s Fox Theatre
Drew Sawyer | 25 December
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: DATE: December 2016 ONLINE: GPB.ORG Documentary film The Legend Lives On: Atlanta's Fox theatre was released in December
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Still from Atlanta Falcons Hype Video colored by John Peterson at Moonshine Post Production
Atlanta Falcons
Drew Sawyer | 26 September
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: ATLANTA FALCONS | IDEAS UNITED DATE: SEPTEMBER 2016 The promotional hype video for the Atlanta Falcons was
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Still from the Frenship Capsize Music Video colored by John Peterson at Moonshine Post Production in Atlanta Georgia
Drew Sawyer | 13 September
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: DIKTATOR DATE: SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 ONLINE: DIKTATOR.COM The music video for FRENSHIP "Capsize (feat. Emily Warren)” was released on September 13,
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Coca-Cola “Pay It Forward”
Drew Sawyer | 26 April
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: COCA COLA | HONE PRODUCTIONS DATE: APRIL 2016 The promotional video for Coca-Cola's Pay it Forward initiative
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