Creepshow Seasons 2 & 3
Moonshine Post | 18 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: AMC Shudder DATE:  April 1, 2021 ONLINE: IMDB FILM EDITORS: Patrick Perry, Kristina Kromer, Gerhardt Slawitschka, James
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Moonshine Post | 4 December
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Chris White / Blue Tape Records DATE:  October 1, 2020 ONLINE: IMDB / Online COLORIST: John Petersen SOUND
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Get Your Booty to the Poll Voting PSA
Moonshine Post | 22 September
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Director - Angela Barnes Producer - Paul Fox DATE:  September 22, 2020 ONLINE: Web / Youtube Post-Producer:
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Moonshine Post | 17 November
Meet the Cast of Bigger - Exclusively on BET+ PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: BET DATE:  September 19, 2019 ONLINE: IMDB COLORIST: John
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Raising Dion
Moonshine Post | 9 October
Raising Dion Trailer RAISING DIONPROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Netflix DATE:  October 4, 2019 ONLINE: Netflix.com Moonshine collaborated with Arsenal FX Color, managing
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Moonshine Post | 9 October
Ambitions Season 1 PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: OWN Network DATE:  June 18, 2019 ONLINE: BET COLORIST: John Petersen DAILIES: Neil Mikels A
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Lodge 49 Season 2
Moonshine Post | 9 October
Lodge 49 Season 2 Trailer PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: AMC Shudder DATE:  August 12, 2019 ONLINE: AMC.com, Amazon Prime COLORIST/DAILIES SUPERVISOR: John
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How High 2
Moonshine Post | 20 April
How High 2 Trailer PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Capital Arts / Universal DATE: April 20, 2019 ONLINE: How High 2 DAILIES: James Crawford
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Yes, God, Yes
Moonshine Post | 8 March
Yes, God, Yes Trailer PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Karen Maine DATE:  March 8, 2019 ONLINE: Yes, God, Yes DAILIES: Heather Taylor
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St. Agatha - Curious about the film St. Agatha? Check out why the producers decided to produce the film in Georgia on Chuck Thomas' Atlanta Film Chat.
St. Agatha
Moonshine Post | 14 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: St. Agatha DATE:  April 20, 2018. ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, ST. AGATHA, premiered at the 2018 Overlook Film Festival. 
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Moonshine Post | 12 February
Boomerang PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: BET DATE: February 12, 2019 ONLINE: Boomerang DAILIES: Kristina Kromer
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burden the movie, dailies done by moonshine post-production, starring forest whittaker, usher, garrett hedlund
Moonshine Post | 31 December
Burden PROJECT DETAILS DATE:  2018 ONLINE: IMDb "When a museum celebrating the Ku Klux Klan opens in a small South Carolina
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