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Moonshine Post | 8 June
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  SONY DATE: 9/1/2018 ONLINE: IMDB A seemingly normal family with a mysterious past adjusts to their new life in
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Summer 03 from director Becca Gleason premiered at SXSW. Moonshine Post Production did Dailies and Sound Mixing for the film.
Summer 03
Moonshine Post | 5 May
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Summer 03 DATE: March 10, 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, Summer 03, premiered at the 2018 SXSW
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Moonshine Post | 4 May
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  SONY DATE: 09/01/2018 ONLINE: IMDB A ruthless hitman and an FBI agent share a shocking connection that they must
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Chop Nation
Moonshine Post | 1 May
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Drew Sawyer | 25 April
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Lightning Entertainment DATE:  15 February 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, ENCOUNTER, premiered at the 2018 Berlin Film
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Congratulations to the filmmakers of Candy Jar and team Moonshine Post Production for the Netflix Feature Film premiere this week!
Candy Jar
Drew Sawyer | 20 April
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: NETFLIX DATE: April 27, 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, CANDY JAR, was released on Netflix on April 27th, 2018.
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The Many Lives of Ayn Winters
Moonshine Post | 8 April
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  SONY DATE: 09/01/2018 ONLINE: IMDB A young woman returns home for her sister's funeral, only to become an unwitting
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Party Boat
Moonshine Post | 15 August
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: SONY PICTURES | CRACKLE DATE: AUGUST 2017 ONLINE: IMDB Feature film Party Boat will be released on Crackle
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The Vault
Drew Sawyer | 27 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: DAN BUSH DATE: July 27, 2017 ONLINE: IMDB Feature film The Vault in theaters September 1, 2017 ASSISTANT TO
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Movie still from Finding Steve McQueen starring Travis Fimmel - film dailies by John Petersen at Moonshine Post Production
Finding Steve McQueen
Drew Sawyer | 27 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Mark Steven Johnson DATE: TBA 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature film Finding Steve McQueen will be released in theaters
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Drew Sawyer | 27 July

In this drama directed by Andrew Heckler, a young man’s love affair puts him in deadly peril with the Southern

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Let's Be Cops
Let’s Be Cops
Drew Sawyer | 13 August
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Luke Greenfield DATE: AUGUST 2014 ONLINE: IMDB Feature film Let's Be Cops was released in theaters in
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