Moonshine Post | 31 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Deborah Riley Draper // Coffee Bluff Pictures // Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.® DATE:  March 2021 ONLINE:
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Moonshine Post Production for 76 Days Documentary
76 Days
Moonshine Post | 30 November
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Hao Wu / MTV Documentary Films DATE:  December 4, 2020 ONLINE: IMDB / Online COLORIST: John Petersen ONLINE
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Flint: The Poisoning of an American City
Moonshine Post | 12 September
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Director David Barnhart, Producer/Editor Scott Lansing DATE:  September 12, 2019 ONLINE: Website COLORIST: John Petersen Flint: The
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Brandon’s Story
Moonshine Post | 14 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Pullspark / The Home Depot DATE: May 5th, 2018. ONLINE: Vimeo The documentary short “Brandon’s Story” was shown at the
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Man Made
Drew Sawyer | 10 March
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: MANDALAY SPORTS MEDIA DATE: TBA 2017 ONLINE: MANMADEDOC.COM Feature documentary Man Made in house for post production
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Moonshine Post | 10 February
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Matt Hinton DATE: 2018 ONLINE: The 1990s, alt rock band, Luxury is skyrocketing toward national fame, until a
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Mr. Ballsy
Drew Sawyer | 24 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: THOMAS CANTLEY DATE: TBA 2017 ONLINE: IMDB The documentary Mr. Ballsy is currently in post production. PRODUCING
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The Legend Lives On: Atlanta's Fox Theater - Ticketbooth
The Legend Lives On: Atlanta’s Fox Theatre
Drew Sawyer | 25 December
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: DATE: December 2016 ONLINE: GPB.ORG Documentary film The Legend Lives On: Atlanta's Fox theatre was released in December
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No 2: Story of the Pencil Featured
No. 2: Story of the Pencil
Drew Sawyer | 24 July
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: William Allen DATE: JULY 2015 ONLINE: IMDB No. 2: Story of the Pencil was released in July
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The Resurrection of Jake the Snake
Drew Sawyer | 23 January
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Steve Yu DATE: January 2015 ONLINE: IMDB The documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake was released in January
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D’artangan is the Champion
Drew Sawyer | 18 May
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Missy Palmer DATE: May 2014 ONLINE: IMDB Documentary film D’artangan is the Champion was released in May
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Running The Sahara
Drew Sawyer | 17 October
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DATE: OCTOBER 2008 ONLINE: IMDB Feature documentary Running The Sahara was released in October of
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