Moonshine is a story distillery, where regardless of the production’s size or complexity, our talent and infrastructure can execute efficiently

Moonshine is a full service post-production house with world class facilities in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Surrounded by a solid team of artists, supervisors and technicians the company has many years of experience, and a consistent track record for delivering creative work on time, on budget, and with exceptional service.

Secure and Safe

Our work is both digitally and physically secure with a well protected data infrastructure as well as on and off-site backups. Not only is our data backed up, but it is safe within a heavily secured physical facility.

Experience & People

Since it’s inception, Moonshine Post-Production, LLC has contributed to the starting and finishing of hundreds of broadcast and film deliverables. So, with experience covering the full gamut of post production – dailies to deliverables – Moonshine has developed the talent and infrastructure to execute projects of any size and complexity.

One of the young up-and-comers at Moonshine, Georgia’s own Patrick Perry attended GSU Film School, where he originally cut his teeth in film editing. Now an editor of multiple TV shows and online advertising campaigns, the length of Patrick’s resume is matched only by the length of his hair. When he’s not burning the midnight oil on the next Moonshine production, Patrick enjoys a nice, sippable bourbon, the ongoing romantic tension between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, and the love of a voluptuous woman.

Caroline Oelkers, our color apprentice and operations badass - she still shoots film and loves color correction - fuckboys eat your heart outFollowing her hard-knock upbringing in the Atlanta suburbs, Caroline Oelkers took up a life as an urban explorer and film photographer (IG: carolineoelkers) on the mean streets of the ATL. Upon deciding to get into moving pictures, Caroline worked in the camera department on the upcoming feature film The Vault before becoming a color apprentice to John Petersen here at Moonshine Post. A lover of long, relaxing bike rides and, somewhat ironically, the mosh pits of Warped Tour, Caroline sidesteps the pressures of the future by claiming, almost defiantly, that she has no hopes or dreams.

Sam Inez Chambers, original Moonshine Editor and Coordinator, currently, POST PA of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, watching those dailies in Atlanta and being a badassA writer, editor and professional children’s entertainer at heart, Sam Inëz Czymbor, has worked in numerous creative and editorial capacities for companies such as Marvel, Macy’s, Amazon.com, Clear Channel and obviously, Moonshine. Armed with her ruthless red editing pen, her beloved laptop and enough Earl Grey to caffeinate a small preschool, Czymbor uses her 100 lbs. of awesome to tackle Moonshine’s coordinating, writing and editorial needs. And when she’s not in the office, she enjoys playing fancy noisemakers on the weekends, writing sketches for local comedy outlets and making iconic pop culture characters out of balloons. No, seriously, InstaGram: inezczymbor. Touting a graduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Sam spends her free time contemplating on when the writing world will make up its mind about those darn Oxford commas.

Georgia-native Zack Beshears graduated GSU Film School before becoming a junior editor and operations specialist at Moonshine, where his work behind-the-scenes has made him an integral part of the post-production team. When Zack isn’t Mix Mastering or scrubbing Production’s latest, he enjoys Pixar movies, getting hyped for the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Fargo, and anything involving Alexandra Daddario. Seriously, Alexandra, if you’re reading this, hit him up on social media.

With over 25 years of technical experience in production and post, Moonshine’s colorist John Petersen has seen it all. An Indiana boy at heart, JP spent a decade in the Chicago post production community before making his way to Atlanta, where he’s collaborated on numerous feature films and television shows. Combine that experience and skill with John’s youthful vigor, seasoned wisdom, and trademark sarcasm, and you begin to understand why some see him as Moonshine’s finest aged spirit. Outside the Moonshine offices, JP is a consummate family man, taking summer trips home to Indiana with his wife Dania, their two kids, and their dog, Ruth.

Chris Fogg, Atlanta Post Production juggernaught, who owns Resolution Media and ListenUp, both Agency and Audio Recording, Publishing and Mixing facilities. He is also a partner of Moonshine, servicing great Post to Atlanta, the South East, and the country as a whole. He is the essential Business Development guru of the creative business.Chris Fogg is our quintessential creative business guy. After Berklee College of Music, and during his younger years in Manhattan, Chris wrote music for commercials and enjoyed producing music and sound design for many television and film projects including one record that went double platinum. Since the crazier days, he moved to Atlanta and began building creative teams to tackle production and post-production services and now enjoys inventing or finding solutions for creative industries. Still a music guy, only now it’s more at home with his 3-year-old daughter – Oh, and he LOVES the sound-track to Frozen! After 300+ listens how could I “LET IT GO,” Am I Right?

Moonshine’s fearless founder Drew Sawyer began his professional life as a clam farmer – really, he farmed bivalves for a couple of seasons – before getting a German education, then returning to his Georgia roots and becoming a Post Producer. Whether he’s on the set of an indie Sundance horror film dressed only in a pair of bloody boxers, or working with a talented post-production team on an episodic television series, Drew loves telling stories. It’s why he started Moonshine Post in the first place. And when Drew’s not making movies and TV shows with his friends or for “the Man,” he’s four days deep backpacking in Bear Country, hiking and camping through wind, rain, and snow.

One of the original Moonshiners, Seth currently serves as the Head of Development at MoonshineSurviving his Georgia upbringing against all odds, Seth Ingram got one of them fancy college degrees before working as a gentleman farmer (just look at that picture) and an IT professional. Eventually, his path led him to film, where he’s spent over a decade as an independent producer, screenwriter, and director for film and TV. One of the original Moonshiners, Seth currently serves as the Head of Development at Moonshine, working as a script and story consultant for both network and independent productions, and as Executive Director of the Rome International Film Festival (Rome, Georgia, not Italy y’all). On the rare occasion that he finds some spare time, Seth spends it with his wife, April, and their three kids, while also striving to live the Hemingway lifestyle.

Anna Holley assistant editor for features and episodics New Moonshiner and self-proclaimed bad dancer Anna Holley earned a degree in film from the University of New Orleans before getting her start in post production as an editor for feature films. A native of the Big Easy, Anna migrated to the ATL to work as an assistant editor on Moonshine’s upcoming original Red Bull series, instantly ingratiating herself to the post team by challenging Patrick Perry to a fierce staring contest. When she’s not telling dad jokes at the Moonshine offices, Anna spends her time by doting upon her pet cat Sophie, keeping up with the latest movies and TV shows, and doing way too much of the aforementioned bad dancing.

Globetrotter Kara Stellner is Moonshine's Post Coordinator.Globetrotter Kara Stellner was a mover and shaker even before finding her way to Moonshine Post as our newest Post Coordinator. Prior to a mid-twenties move to Luxembourg, where she explored the world with her husband Shaun, Kara earned a degree in film studies from UNC Wilmington and got her start in film as an editor and business manager. Now in the ATL as she continues her career in post production, Kara spends her free time doing yoga (but never in public), making websites for fun, and harshly judging Pirates, the porn.

Creatives within the Filmmaking Community and Indie Scene

When we’re not servicing Broadcast Episodics or Big Screen Deliverables, Moonshine is making movies. We have strong roots in the Atlanta film and indie scene and not only do we recognize the importance in cultivating talent, but also in collaborating with new talent – we do this for the sole reason we started our business: better story telling. In just the last 2 years we’ve produced, post-produced and helped make 6 Independent Features (Heavy Water, V/H/S, and Tree House, Spitfire’s “The Circle“), 3 Pilots (“Pepper’s Place,” Fun World, Slow Down ATL aka Partners Paranormal) and several shorts (“Finale”) by Director Jeremy O’Keefe.”

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And we have 2 Major Wrestling Icons Featured in Our Content

We realize not everyone is a wrestling fan, but working with super stars Ric Flair and Jake the Snake Roberts is note worthy on our website. Seriously… WOO!