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4k, 8K (oof!), HDR – We’ve got you covered on all things dailies!

At Moonshine, we bring expertise and dedication to the art of dailies. Based in the heart of Atlanta, GA, we’re able to accommodate on-set and off-set digital dailies for Tier 1-3 productions. With streamlined workflows powered by top-of-the-line equipment, we can tailor to suit digital film and TV productions of any size. Our dailies technicians have years of experience handling bi-coastal productions and are equipped to manage every project efficiently in our studio-approved, secure facilities.

With our dailies services, you get…
• Efficient strategies tailored to your production workflow and color management needs
• Experienced color technicians and secure facility
• Editorial and viewing dailies delivered internationally 

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HDR is a quickly growing standard and brings an amazing expanded palette to cinematographers and a new experience for viewers. Thankfully, we are well equipped and experienced for this format and understand the careful needs of on-set acquisition and monitoring, and how it relates to Dolby Vision and post mastering in the final grade of color finishing. Our technicians, dailies colorists, and gear can help you from beginning to end.

Check out our three most recent shows exemplifying the HDR pipeline:

Lovecraft Country for HBO, Raising Dion and Liberator for Netflix (Coming Soon).

Actual Color & Sound Sync Dailies for all Platforms

Color Timing – If your color management requires a dailies colorist to work in line with your on-set DIT and Director of Photography, then our dedicated dailies colorists will balance and process each clip according to your preferred looks and LUTs.

Sync & Project Prep – Your footage will be prepared with synced sound and be labeled for viewing. We can also offer custom workflows for your editing software of choice including Avid, Final Cut, or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Bi-Coastal Delivery for Editorial and Viewing

Whether it’s LA, New York, or Atlanta, traditional dailies are reliably finished overnight and ready to view the next day. Editorial files can also be uploaded and/or shipped the next day.

We can deliver your content through a secure fiber connection and/or ship a physical drive. Our team can deliver your files in any format that your production needs with a quick turnaround.

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