Creative offline and online editing for commercial, film, tv, and every project in-between.

Whether it’s episodic TV, feature films, or commercials Moonshine has the online and offline talent, technicians, and technology to help tell your story. Our talent pool and production partners extend outside of the Atlanta market. We also understand shows utilize bi-coastal workflows with multiple creative headquarters. As a result, our seasoned staff editors and facilities are fully adaptable to your production’s needs and are remote-capable.

With our creative editorial, online and offline editing services, you get…
• Efficient strategies tailored to your production workflow 
• Experienced offline editors specializing in both long and short-form story-telling 
• Editorial screenings in-person or remotely worldwise

Online and Offline Editing and Creative Editorial by Moonshine Post-Production in Atlanta, GA
Online and Offline Editing and Creative Editorial by Moonshine Post-Production in Atlanta, GA

Creative Editorial

Our creative editorial team is experienced in working with local, national and internationally-acclaimed agencies and brands on projects for television ads, social media campaigns, and beyond. We have the talent and technology to tackle ad work on a large and small scale, with the option of in-person or remote review. Get to know our team and check out our work.

Offline Editing

Moonshine’s offline editing staff collaborates with directors, showrunners, and agency creatives on a daily basis on feature films, episodic TV shows, commercials, documentaries, short films and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to distill compelling stories, no matter how short or long the project. If you’re looking to bring in your own talent and four-wall, take a look at our edit suite rental options.

Online Editing

Our online editing artists are accustomed to working on over 100 episodes, features, and air deliverables a year. Whether that entails conform, clean up and beauty work, or finishing and mastering, our team can help you cross the finish line. Learn more about our online editing work.

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