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Feature Film Produced and Post Produced by Moonshine Pictures, Inc.

Synopsis: Home after 5 years in prison, River must choose between his broken family and a curious new drug from an old friend.


From the Director, Andrew Donoho:
Living in Atlanta for the last few years, I’ve come across a handful of fascinating stories from local homeless men and women and recovering addicts. I wanted to take these elements and build them into a redemption story with a touch of sci-fi to explore themes about materialism, self-control, and the pull between different expectations within our world. Low-income Atlanta presents a visceral texture, aesthetic, and history that provides us with a unique backdrop for these stories, rarely shown on film. I’ve spent 2 years working in the Atlanta film industry meeting talented peers that share my vision for the movie. Six long months went into forging a well thought-out script and finding the right actors, and now we’re finally shooting.


Heavy Water follows the story of River, a recovering addict recently released from prison, played by Carter Jenkins. Carter has proven to be an incredible asset to the film with a massive passion, impressive ability, and previous credits from films and T.V. shows such as Surface, Aliens in the Attic, and Valentine’s Day. The film opens with River desperately trying to reintegrate into society and make enough money to keep his home, pay for his mentally distressed younger brother, and escape the control of his domineering uncle. When all options disappear and times grow harder, an old friend provides River with what seems to be the perfect solution.


Jed, played by Jake “The Snake” Roberts, offers the money, authority, and protection River desires with only one demand: River must integrate into “The Family”, an eclectic group of street urchins and the homeless rallied behind a psychiatric treatment known only as “The Gift”. With a bit of molding, Jake’s experience as a professional wrestler translated into strong performances and brought a powerful presence to his character. His ability to improvise, take direction, and become the character shines through in his depiction of Jed. As River moves deeper into Jed’s clandestine universe, he uncovers a disturbing truth about the world on which he now relies.

Stay tuned as we post photos and blurbs for the rest of the leading cast!