Lodge 49 Premieres Tonight on AMC!

Lodge 49 Premieres Tonight on AMC!

Tune in tonight to watch Lodge 49 on AMC at 10PM [EST]!

Described as a show that “… defies expectations of what an AMC series might, or should, look like… “ by Variety, Lodge 49 tells the tale of Sean “Dud” Dudley, optimistic ex-surfer who is left adrift after his father’s death until he finds fellowship at the mysterious, fraternal Lodge 49. Also, check out the shout out that 11Alive Atlanta gave to us! 

Crafty Apes handled on-set supervision and all of the visual effects for the series while Moonshine Post handled real-time playback solutions, dailies and key deliverables for the project. Check out full details at AMC.


A description from VOX: “In an era of political instability and terrifying promises of doom just over the horizon, Lodge 49 is the rare television drama that tries to imagine what it might be like to build something better. And it argues that “something better” can sometimes mean a simple place where we can all hang out, break bread, and have a beer — a place where we can hunker down and weather out the rain and wind outside.

Lodge 49 suggests the only way we’re going to fix the world is by taking care of each other first and foremost. And taking care of each other means finding space for each other, whether on the planet, in our communities, or in a mystical fraternal order with a quasi-alchemical bent.”

Here’s a fun BTS video from AMC wrapping up Season 1!