TV Episodic : The Prancing Elites Project

Moonshine Post Production was proud to work on the TV Episodic (color finishing and sound mastering) for Oxygen’s new series, The Prancing Elites Project. See more of our TV Episodic work here and watch the series on Oxygen’s by clicking here.

An excerpt about The Prancing Elites from the Washington Post:

“The Prancing Elites! To have clicked on them is to love them. Widely celebrated in the usual, culturally viral manner (first as a YouTube and Twitter sensation, then in numerous talk-show appearances, etc.), this dance troupe of five young, gay, super-proud African Americans has found fans everywhere they go — except at home, in and around Mobile, Ala.

In the first episode of their inevitable and sometimes inspiring reality show, “The Prancing Elites Project” (premiering Wednesday on Oxygen), viewers get a pretty good sense of both the joyful exuberance and hurtful backlash that has come to define their lives.”

And another excerpt we love from The New York’s Times’ write-up on the dancers:

“…parades, ostensibly exuberant celebrations of shared community, can so easily be reduced into fatiguing and callous battlegrounds over values.

This serves as fodder, both literal and conceptual, for “The Prancing Elites Project,” a reality show about the troupe, which begins Wednesday on Oxygen. There is dancing, and it is wonderful. And there is camaraderie among the five group members — Adrian Clemons, Kentrell Collins, Kareem Davis, Jerel Maddox, Tim Smith — and that is wonderful, too.

And then there are the obstacles that are steadily thrown in the path of all that. In the premiere, the group, which has been in existence since the mid-2000s, tries to march in a similar parade in Saraland, Ala., though this time the members are denied a permit. They’re met at the parade route by county constables who escort them as they walk parallel to the parade, working in a few maneuvers while spectators hurl insults their way. Words like “community” and “family” are used as weapons against them. Their grace and elegance under attack is both brave and beautiful.”