Deadly Cults Season 2 Moonshine Post Production in Atlanta, GA
Deadly Cults Season 2
Moonshine Post | 5 August
Deadly Cults Season 2 PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Oxygen DATE:  April 26, 2020 ONLINE: IMDB / Oxygen COLORIST: John Petersen ONLINE ARTIST:
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Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip with Mike Rowe Moonshine Post-Production for Online Editing and ADR
Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip with Mike Rowe
Moonshine Post | 5 August
Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip with Mike Rowe PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Produced for Discovery by MRW Productions and School of Humans.
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moon and me, moonshine post-production, bare knuckles, sound design
Moon and Me
Moonshine Post | 20 February
Moon and Me PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Universal NBC Kids DATE:  February 4, 2019 ONLINE: IMDB Sound Design: Bare Knuckles, Anthony Nolan
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Moonshine Post | 17 November
Meet the Cast of Bigger - Exclusively on BET+ PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: BET DATE:  September 19, 2019 ONLINE: IMDB COLORIST: John
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Illegal Rose
Moonshine Post | 9 October
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Illegal Rose DATE:  August 25, 2019. ONLINE: IMDB Premiered at: Urbanworld Film Festival, Bronze Lens, and Capital
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Creepshow TV
Moonshine Post | 1 October
Creepshow TV Trailer PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: AMC Shudder DATE:  September 26, 2019 ONLINE: IMDB “A fun & spooky ride!” -
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Banned in Boise
Moonshine Post | 8 August
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Ideas United DATE: 9/1/2018 ONLINE: IMDB When two would-be filmmakers lose their jobs at the only production company in
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Small Group
Moonshine Post | 7 August
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Lime Soda Films DATE: 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, Small Group, follows documentary director R. Scott Cooper as he infiltrates
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Summer 03 from director Becca Gleason premiered at SXSW. Moonshine Post Production did Dailies and Sound Mixing for the film.
Summer 03
Moonshine Post | 5 May
PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT:  Summer 03 DATE: March 10, 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, Summer 03, premiered at the 2018 SXSW
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Drew Sawyer | 25 April
Encounter Official Trailer PROJECT DETAILS CLIENT: Lightning Entertainment DATE:  15 February 2018 ONLINE: IMDB Feature Film, ENCOUNTER, premiered at the
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