Get Your Booty to the Poll Voting PSA

Project Details

CLIENT: Director – Angela Barnes
Producer – Paul Fox

DATE:  September 22, 2020

ONLINE: Web / Youtube

Post-Producer: Hannah Rockette
Brandon Clark
 John Petersen
Editor: Patrick Perry
Sound Mix: Chris Nicholson for Bare Knuckles Creative

Director Angela Barnes teamed up with Paul Fox, a prop master-turned-producer based out of Atlanta- and it was on. The pair recruited a slew of talented filmmakers and dancers, started a GoFundMe called ‘Angela and Paul want black people to vote’, and filmed their message in one day at the end of July, all while fearing the second wave of COVID-19.

The entire crew was made up of volunteers who were dedicated to the message and idea of increasing the voter turn-out amongst the black male demographic. We hope that our passionate message becomes your reality when you take your booty to the poll and vote this election cycle.

Since its release, the Get Your Booty to the Poll PSA has received national attention on outlets such as NPR, CNN, Vice, Colbert Late Show, Glamour Magazine, Newsweek and more. In what could easily be called the most enthusiastic review, John Oliver (of HBO’s Emmy Award-Winning show, Last Week Tonight), deemed #GYBTTP “the single best voting PSA the world has ever seen” and wrapped his raving review with an emphatic “I have NO notes!”…That’s what we like to hear!
We’re proud to have taken part in a project that not only displayed a creative and innovative approach to encouraging voter turn-out, but also showcased the power of the Atlanta community and what we’re able to achieve when we work together towards a common goal.

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